our story

We share an appreciation for history, and the marriage of form and function found in objects from the past. We strive for conscientious craftsmanship, and good and useful design in our handmade collections. We are Bruce and Amy; childhood sweethearts who found our way back to one another after twenty years of traveling separate paths. Our second chance at happily-ever-after led us to settle in a place solely because we felt inspired there - Mendocino. A small village on the northern coast of California, Mendocino is rugged, peaceful, and dramatic. Miasa Studio was formed upon our arrival in California, and the Miasa collection is created in our postage-stamp apartment with a cherished view of the Pacific. Our larger projects require workshop space, which we're grateful to have on the family farm in southern Oregon. Our Farm Revival furnishings collection is constructed in a workshop originally built and used by Amy's great grandfather. For half of each year, we trade sea views for alfalfa and potato fields, and we get to spread out and make bigger things happen.